Posters for Monday Night Lectures, Yale School of Art, 2014-15

Promotional poster, Yale School of Art, 2013

Yearbooks, MFAH (with HvADesign), 2012-13

"Revisions", personal project, 2014

Prospectus, Yale Undergraduate Art, 2014

"Critical Documents", MFAH (with HvADesign), 2012

Identity and materials for European Horizons conferences, 2015-present

Identity and materials for "Sideshow" exhibition, 2015

Identity and website for JUNCTURE program, 2015

Identity and materials for "Discover Oxford", Oxford University Press (with HvADesign), 2012

Title wall, MoMA (with Ji Eun Rim), 2015

Title wall, MoMA (with Elle Kim), 2015

Exhibition graphics and poster for "STUDIO", Yale School of Art (with Marvin de Jong), 2015

Grid wallpaper design for artist Sam Vernon, 2015

"Allegory of Africa", personal project, 2014

"Charleston", personal project, 2013

"Doubting Disaster", personal project, 2013

"Fireflies", personal project, 2010

"Canon" typeface, personal project, 2013

Web graphics, Yale Center of Emotional Intelligence, 2013

"Madiba 2.0: Open Source Ethnic Products", personal project, 2015-present

"Cruel Intentions" ottomans, personal project, 2015

Loide [Loy-dee] is a graphic designer with five years of professional experience, primarily in print media with a heavy focus on typography, and complementary skill sets in film and multi-media design.

Work includes projects with and for Housing Works, the Museum of Modern Art, Yale University, and HvADesign.


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